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Top Parenting Ebook Review & Giveaway CLOSED

Review & Giveaway
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I was recently contacted for a review & giveaway on a new eBook on Top Parenting Tips for First Time Moms.  I was sent my own copy of this ebook to read and post my opinion and thoughts on.  My first thought was this is going to be another book of tips for moms just like all the rest you can find at any bookstore.   It wasn't!  This eBook is written by Heidi Spurrell, a mommy of two.  She gathered up a list of her greatest tips from her own personal experience on raising her two children and placed them together in the book.  Her tips are actually very, very true and interesting.  They aren't the usual tips that you find in the usual parenting tips books. 
  • 101 original, unique, and humorous tips for all mommys
  • Top 10 ideas for baby shower gifts that I've never seen listed before
  • Heidi's top 5 books on parenting that she recommends
  • A list of links to varies products & sites that are helpful
 I have two sons, a 6 year old and 18 months old.  While reading this eBook, I was amazed at some of the things I read that I hadn't even realized were true untill now!  If you don't have children, this eBook would also be perfect as a baby shower gift or for any mommy-to-be. The book is not ridiculously long where you just get tired of reading through it about 1/4 of the way.  Trust me, I've purchased a lot of books that I got bored with half-way through and never picked it up again.  The layout of the ebook is very organized and straight to the point, easy to read!  I was afraid the process of downloading it would take hours, however it was complete in two minutes top!

From the book:
"I promise, that somewhere in this little book, you will find:"
• "Tips that will allow you to save time, money and even a little bit of
your sanity."
• " Product recommendations from mothers who have actually used
the products or services mentioned."
• "Some wisdom that will help you smile through some of the tougher
• "Reassurances that you are not the only mom who ever felt the
loneliness of the post-partum period, the unnecessary guilt from
treating yourself to a simple pleasure, occasionally wanting to pull
your hair out, wondering whether you really needed a changing
table or were stuck deciding whether you should buy socks or tights
or both!"
I thought it would be great to include a few of my personal favorite tips from her book, so here they are...

  1. "Never Say Never!" : The sense of responsibility of being aparent is unbelievably huge. I could never have guessed that I'd become the parent I believe I am. Try to never say you'll never let your child do this or that (you most likely will). For example something like giving them McDonald’s fries- I am guilty of this myself.

  2. FOLLOW YOUR OWN INSTINCTS: There is a huge amount ofinformation available on the Internet and elsewhere that can make new moms really doubt themselves and second-guess every little thing they do. Sometimes you’re just going to have to trust your instincts - hard to do when you feel vulnerable and new to the whole parenting thing. But you are the mother! So don’t let relatives, friends, or even strangers, tell you what to do. If you don’t agree, trust your own inner judgment

  3. And my own personal favorite quote of Heidi's , which truely is the best tip I have EVER heard and have to remind myself daily, that actually applies to children of all ages.
And my absolute favorite tip from this book is...
     4.   "DISCIPLINE: Babies do what you do, not what you say!"
I love this tip, as a mother of two I can very much understand why she included this in her book.  If you scream at your children while disciplin them, they will learn to scream also when they get mad.  As a mommy, I really have to watch my actions.  Children and even babies watch us closer than you think and they honestly do pick up from our actions and it becomes a habit for them, also!

 In Heidi's Top Parenting Tips EBook, she also has tips and suggestions for purchases.  I've included a paragraph below from the book that is very, very true and a great tip that all mothers should consider...

  • "Your little one does not need amatching bed sheet, pillowcase, rug, diaper bag, curtain, (yes, its is nice to have but don’t stress if you don’t get it all). Nor does he need a complete set of flannel formal wear either. Babies are not accessories."   "And besides, you are now, or soon will be, the proud parent of a long term-investment, which, like any respectable stock, will only get more expensive. Now is not the time to blow the education fund."
To purchase your very own copy of, "101 Things I Wish I Had Known, Top Parenting Tips for First-Time Moms, By Second-Time Mom," written by Heidi Spurrell just click on the link below. 

This is a great deal, at only $2.95!

First-time-mums.com was so kind to offer a free copy to one of my lucky readers.
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