Monday, March 15, 2010 Cleaning Storage System Review & Discount
Cleaning Storage System & Discount is an incredible site for making your life a little more organized.  Speaking as a mom of two boys, I can just never be to organized!  This site is amazing!  They offer storage units for any room in your house, also including products for your garage, crafts, office, and even custom closets.  When I came across the site I was amazed at how many products they offered that I never even knew existed before! 

I truely hate being unorganized but it's just difficult to find places for some stuff! One of the messiest rooms in my home is the utility room. I have clothes constantly being thrown into it by my oldest son, always missing the basket and landing where ever it falls on the floor. My broom and mop are just leaned up against the wall and scuffing up the paint. The cleaners are stuck up on top of the shelf above my washer and dryer along with my laundry detergent.  And so forth, which is why I was so glad to be able to review the Cleaning Storage System from

  The Cleaning Storage System is amazing!  This storage unit mounts onto the wall.  The top of the unit is actually a removable caddy for holding your cleaners, making it able to carry it with you as you clean.  The sides of the unit are open in the front for storing trash bags.  My favorite part of the Cleaning Storage System is the grips in the center for holding brooms and mops.  This unit is incredible!  Everything you need for cleaning is now available in one spot and  most important, it's organized! The Cleaning Storage System is very sturdy and easy to hang up. 

 I've attached photos below for the steps...

 Overall, this is a product that every household needs and will be pleased with it's results!  I also recommend checking out more storage products available at  It is really worth the trip to visit their site!
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