Saturday, March 6, 2010

CSN All Modern Fatboy Beanbag Chair Review

Recently, I posted a pre-review for the Twilight Stripes Designer Brand Beanbag Chair.  To read my post, click here
When I finally received this incredible oversized beanbag chair, I was out shopping with my sons.  I came home to this enourmous box waiting for me on my back porch.  I couldn't of imagined it being anything except the beanbag chair, so I was super excited to open it up!  Of course, it was!  This chair is incredible!  Very versatile!  It's absolutely gigantic! 
I put it in my oldest son's, Brice, room.  However, it doesn't stay in there much, my nephews come to visit and they all pull the chair into the living room to play on it. It's a war to get them off of this! They just love it! Check out my photos below...
My oldest son, Brice, on his new Fatboy Beanbag chair.  This is NOT your "normal" beanbag!

Sadly enough, this awesome chair is no longer available for sale in this style, it's sold out!  However, they have different styles still available! 

Hurry and order while they are still on sale! 

The Fatboy Original Beanbag.  Order now for free shipping and it's discounted! There are so many ways to use this Fatboy no matter how old you are!
* At the size of 70" H x 55" W
* Available in 18 color choices
Beanbags aren't just for children anymore. The Fatboy original beanbag fits in perfectly with any decor and is both comfortable and stylish. This versatile beanbag allows you to sit in it like a chair, recline in it; you can even sleep on it. The Fatboy original beanbag is the perfect end to a long, hard day.

Overall, my family and I are more than satisified with our All Modern Fatboy Beanbag Chair.  I'm so happy we were able to review this.  I want to thank CSN for this incredible oppurtunity!  CSN has over 200 different stores to shop at.  You must check out these different links, offering a collection of stores for home decor, pets, kids & baby, home decor, and more!  One of my favorite features of CSN is they offer Bill Me Later for when you don't have your credit card handy! 
For more stylish and fashionable furniture like the Fatboy chairs shown in this review, check out