Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brice's 6th Birthday!!!

Brice's 6th birthday went great!  We got him a Wii, Cars Camera, and well I can't even remember the rest, but there were a lot! (haha) 

This was just a photo taken at the house on the day of his birthday.  We celebrated a lot for it!  I sent cupcakes to his class at school the day before the big day.  He had a party the weekend before & on the 10th we had him another cake and a few presents.  So total, Brice got two batches of cupcakes, cake, two tubs of ice-cream, and a lot of presents! (haha) Enough fattening food huh, heck, I'll use the "holidays" for my exscuse!

Here's a look back at Brinner's 1st birthday, back in October....