Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Blog Designs

First off, I'd like to apologize to all my readers and sponsors for the lack of any blog posts lately but back and blogging on my new and much improved computer!  

  So I love graphic design, digital scrap booking, and blog design but am only a beginner who's self-taught for now. Trial and error.

 Yesterday I visited my mom's blog and realized she still was using a button and header that I had made her like a year and half ago that looked as if my 4 year old had created himself on Paint.  I can def. say I've improved a little bit at least. So for those next couple of hours I just threw her together a new blog header, signature, sidebar separators. and three new blog button choices along with adding her some social media icons and such.  

So here are the Before and After designs for Mimi Loves All 8... as always your feedback and comments are loved and needed.


And After 
I still do not have the slightest clue of what I'm doing but like to think I'm improving slowly.I def. recommend you taking a sec to visit Mimi Love's All 8, especially for her constant and fun, new giveaways! Now it's time for sharing my opinion on lots of new product for review and posting some great, new giveaways for you guys! Stay updated with me to be sure you get your chance at winning in.