Sunday, November 14, 2010

All Crib Matresses Review

Having a baby is a great thing but it is also a costly thing.  Before the baby is born there are many necessary things that a parent-to be must buy.  A baby will need a crib and not all cribs are alike. Prices vary as do the types of mattresses and the style of  cribs. One thing you should keep in mind is that your baby won’t care what the mattress or crib looks like or how it’s decorated or if it’s the new trend, he or she just wants to sleep comfortably and has all the right to. 
Be prepared to spend a bit more for the sake of your baby’s safety and comfort. Sealy has mattresses at $79 but some have said they were too soft for newborns. The things you should take into account when researching costs is if the mattress is extra firm, fits the crib and isn’t cheap. Avoid used mattresses too, nothing beats a fresh, brand-new mattress!  If you’re considering a regular foam crib mattress you can look for the high quality Colgate Classica I which is priced at $149 on, or the Colgate Classica III at $160. You’ll generally find foam mattresses from $50 onwards, but always invest in a good quality mattress even if it means having to pay a bit more for it.
My favorite crib is the round crib.  You may have to custom fit the crib mattress but make sure it fits perfect because otherwise it might be uncomfortable or dangerous for the baby. 
If you can afford to buy the organic crib mattress this would be your best buy.  In the organic crib mattress reviews written by others who have used then, most recommend the  Natural Mat 10410 latex crib mattress.This mattress is one of the most expensive ones out there.  So what’s in an organic latex crib mattress that makes it so high quality? First of all it contains natural components that won’t harm your baby. The organic latex mattress is made from rubber harvested from the rubber tree and processed naturally without the use of chemicals. It’s a great alternative to synthetic foam or combined materials used in many mattresses on the market. The latex crib mattress is naturally hypoallergenic from the lack of chemicals, plus its antibacterial so it doesn’t harbor dust mites, meaning a healthy, happy sleeping baby. Natural latex is also very durable and will last through the first years of your child’s development until he or she grows too big for it.