Monday, October 18, 2010

CSN Review Follow up

CSN has graciously allowed me to review this awesome Little Tikes Play Table.  I love CSN's products.
There are so many wonderful things to choose from.  I chose this table with my 2 yr. old son in mind.  I read  the info all about this play table before I chose it.  I wanted to make sure this was the right toy for my son.
The Little Tikes Play Table was definitely a great choice!  
I love how this table folds up flat to be able to carry it everywhere without a lot of trouble.  I am able to move this table from indoors to outdoors with ease.  Plus, this table is so easy to clean up.  The plastic top is  easy to wash with just soap and water.  Brinner, my son, wrote on the top with crayons and with ease, it washed off completely.
This Little Tikes Play Table can seat Brinner and 3 more of his friends. It is very durable and made well.  I love that it doesn't have any bolts and screws used in building it.  This way Brinner will not get cut or scratched from underneath.  Brinner also loves to set underneath this picnic table---the adventures of a typical 2 yr. old.

The only thing that I wish was different about the Little Tikes Play Table is the size of the bench seats.  They are not really wide enough for my little one's behind.  When Brinner sets at the table he can very easily fall backwards.  This is why the bench seats need to be wider.  When he sets at the table I would like to know he has plenty of room to move around, 2 year olds tend to loose their balance still.  The picnic table simply folds flat for easy storage! 

The picnic table came built, in it's storage position.
I would recommend this Little Tikes Play Table to children 2yrs. old and older.
CSN sells this table online for $39.99 (regularly $70.00), def. worth the buy... what a great deal!  Ships to the US and Canada.