Monday, August 2, 2010

Luminess Air Tanning System Review

Luminess Tan™ is a major breakthrough in home self tanning.
With the Luminess Tan™ system you can achieve salon results in the comfort of your own home. The kit includes everything you’ll need to get a perfect year round tan! Whether you’re looking for a light healthy golden glow or a deep dark velvety tan, their complete spa-quality tanning airbrush system is the leading way to get that professional salon flawless tan now at home.

Luminess Tan brings the tanning salon to your home!  I received this incredible tanning system for review wondering if it really works like it claims.  Well it truly does!  I will never have to go pay money at a salon for a Spray Tan again!  The Luminess Tan System is amazing! 

I watched the included DVD before testing out my Luminess Air System.   The instructions are easy to follow. Setting up the system is simple.  After using the system, I was very happy with the results!  I was left with an even, bronze tan all over like I had just stepped off the shores of Jamaica.  The process was pretty simple and not messy.  I had no streaks nor orange blotches!  I really was left with a tan that appeared natural.  I highly recommend Luminess Tan over the spray-on-tanning booths at a spa.  It's so convenient and the tan is way more natural appearing!

♥ Built-in-Bronzer
♥ Odorless
♥ Streak-Free
♥ Tan as often as you like
♥ FDA Approved
♥ Safe
♥ Guaranteed
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To purchase your own Luminess Air Tanning System, visit them today!  They even offer a 30-day trial period.