Saturday, July 17, 2010

Time for pottytraining?

Lately, I've been ready to pull every hair out of my head!  My son, Brinner, will be 2 in October.  He has now figured out how to take off his diaper.... along with taking off a pull-up.  He sleeps in pajamas, however when I wake up he is completely nude!  I've tried taping the diaper, turning it backwards, etc.  The only thing that does actually work is putting on a hot one piece sleeper, zipped up.... (he can undue the buttons)!  I hate this "method" though, being we live in Texas and it's super hot!  I've also tried swim trunks, since they are kind-of difficult to take off with the mesh.  That was a dud also!
 I'm taking this as a huge lit up sign, flashing POTTY TRAIN  ME!  He's scared of the potty and still doesn't understand the whole concept.  If anyone has any advice, please, please, please comment me!  I'm desperate at this point!
~ Thanks so very much, Kristi B.