Monday, November 16, 2009

Shipping Tips for Sellers!

So I decided to do a post on 'Tips on Shipping' since I'm running a giveaway for Pink Clover's Labels! 

I don't know about you, but most likely you feel the same as me. I LOVE receiving packages in the mail! If they are cute and neat, that's a plus also!  All my items that I sell on etsy and myspace for my boutiques, Blissful Bee Boutique & Pink Glams Jewelry, are neatly & adorably packed when I ship them out.  So here's a few tips and photos along the way....

1. Always wrap your item in tissue paper or such!  Everyone loves unwrapping a gift and it keeps it neat and clean!

2. Be colorful!
3. Thank you cards or business cards are a must!
4. I have to have my return address labels and would suggest them!
5. Along with address labels, I seal my package with thank you labels!

6. My items are always tied with either ribbon or tulle!
7. Please make sure item is secured well! No one wants to spend money on an order to receive it broke or messed up because it wasn't packed properly!
 *Note-USPS store has a variety of colors in bubble wrap! I love the hot pink!
8. Free gifts along with purchase are a wonderful extra!
9. Waterproof packages are so much better! They only cost a few cents more, and well this depends on what you're shipping if you need it or not, but it keeps the item safe and dry!
And last....
10. Get a confirmation number! It's only $0.80 or so more and well worth it so you and the customer can keep track of the shipment!