Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So I'm still trying to update and upGRADE this thing! So give me a little time. Any tips would be wonderful!  I'm trying to find a good site dedicated to blogging tips. I've had a horrible toothache and I learned it sucks while chasing a one year old around! haha He's def worth it though ; ). 
I searched Children's Crafts on yahoo and after checking out a few sites, I found this one pretty neat...
I know we all get pretty bored, with all our extra free time on hand with raising babies ; ). Haha, no really, and kids get pretty bored pretty quick also with the weather being colder and wet with the season change!  I really found the Edible Play Dough Recipe interesting! I know my son and nephews will also!
It lists a selection of different ways to make the play dough! Super neat and fun! My only worry was, I hope some kids think if I can eat this play dough, I guess I can eat it all! haha

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